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Enable Document Editing

To enable any sort of end user editing, start by enabling it from settings: Workflow - Document - Enable Editor (setting Workflow - Document - Generate document must be on).

For templates created before February 2024, enable end user editing in settings: Editable Content
Basic Editing Functions: Allows end-user editing.
Advanced Editing Functions: Allows end-user editing and the ability to add Dynamo Clauses.

By default, documents are non-editable. Therefore, any editable areas need to be specifically defined.

Editable areas can be either

  • Short texts within a paragraph: inline text editing;

  • Multiple paragraphs: area editing.

The variable name (Model attribute) is automatically generated when a span or an area is set to be editable. This is a unique variable name as it will hold the editing value made by the users.

Inline text editing

An inline text editing area can be defined with a span element. Inline text editing doesn’t support style formatting, such as indent, create bulleted list or bold texts; and is meant for editing short texts or sentences within a paragraph.

Adding an editable span

To add an editable span:

  1. Clicking the <> button on Editing toolbar. After clicking, a new span element appears and can be seen in the Element view.

  2. Scroll to the Enable Editing attribute and check it.

To disable editing, uncheck the Enable Editing checkbox.

Area editing

A larger editing area can be defined with the group (div) element. Everything inside the group element becomes editable. Area editing supports style formatting.

Adding an editable group

When selecting a certain document range (the left side element view will show controls for the current selection), click Create editable group to mark this area as editable on the right panel. Group parent element will be added for the area and Enable Editing attribute is automatically checked.

This Group element can be accessed through the element breadcrumb.

Configure Edit Permission

Both group and span editing include configuration to allow editing on the element or area. The resolved value of the text entered here should be Boolean (true or false). For example, ${User.IsApprover__c} where IsApprover is a custom checkbox field in Salesforce.

Edit model name

Every editable area has its own variable name that is automatically generated and is unique. The variable starts always with dynDocEdits for documents and dynEmailEdits for emails. Such prefixes should not be removed from the variable name. The name after the dot (.) can be changed when the editable area is added.

If s variable name is modified later onm it can affect how previously saved documents work.

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