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Excel XLSX Content Template

Creating an Excel Content Template

The content commands of Excel templates are written into the comments of defined Names. All Names have the fields Name and Comment - if the Name starts with "dyn_", then the contents of the Comment field are interpreted as content commands.

Names can be defined by either right-clicking the worksheet and selecting "Define Name..." or by clicking "Define Name" in the ribbon's Formulas tab. The Formulas tab also contains the Name Manager, which allows you to easily see and modify all the names in the workbook.

The Excel content commands can affect the cells within the Name's area ("Refers to"), but also other cells outside the area as content commands that add or remove content can cause surrounding content to be moved. Note that while there can be multiple Names referring to the same cells, the content commands do not accept this and therefore all "dyn_"-prefixed Names must not have overlapping areas.

Example Template Files

Dynamo Online template using Excel content template: ExcelContentTemplateExample.dap

Excel content template: ExcelContentTemplateExample.xlsx

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