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How to use Dynamo for Office Add-in

Dynamo for Office add-in features are available from the right side menu after installation. With the free tier (up to 5 licenses), the follwing features are available from the integration:


Using Office Add-in, document can be saved to Salesforce by clicking “Save Document” button.

If you are starting with a new document, it must be first saved locally to your computer before it can be saved to Salesforce.

Save Properties

File name

File name is by default the current document name.

Share option

Share options are “File” or “Library”. Next property “Share with“ depends on this selection.

Share with

If File is selected for Share option, Share with options are Public or Private.

  • Public is shared for all users within the organization.

  • Private is visible only user itself.

If “Library” is selected, available Salesforce libraries are shown. Library share settings define who can see or edit the saved document.


Optional document description text that is saved to Salesforce description field.

Content type

If org has file content types, it can be selected here.

Default content type depends on Profile settings and It can be changed from: Setup - Profiles - Record Type Settings - Content Versions - Edit.

Large Documents

If document size is over 6MB it can’t be saved without special configuration. Please contact to enable large documents.

In addition to contacting support, Salesforce CORS settings must be adjusted.

  1. Open Salesforce “Setup”

  2. Open “CORS” section

  3. Click “New“ from “Allowed Origins List”

  4. Add to "Origin URL Pattern"

  5. Click “Save”

Document Properties


If the Word document is generated with Dynamo Online, saved and downloaded from Salesforce. A file Id (ContentDocumentId) will be populated here.

There are 2 save options: to save as a new version or as a new file. If save as a new version is chosen, it will save on top of the file that has Id populated in this field.


Define a different document name to be saved on Salesforce.


Define a record Id string where the document should be saved under.


  • True: an additional PDF version will be saved alongside with the DOCX version when users click save

  • False: only save the DOCX version onto Salesforce


If a PDF version of the document has been created and saved onto Salesforce, the PDF file Id (ContentDocumentId) will be populated here. If the Id is populated and DynamoSavePdf is enabled, save as new version will update the current DOCX and PDF file on Salesforce with the new version.


  • If true is entered, enable the Template tab from the document is a template.

  • If a ContentDocumentId is entered, this will enable the list of merge fields that can be drag and drop to the document that is previously set on the online template



  • If true, the clause search tab is enabled. All the clauses from the current Salesforce org will populate for drag and drop into the document

  • If false, the clause tab will not appear


Open taskpane automatically

  • If true, the whole panel Dynamo for Office will automatically open when users open the Word document

  • If false, the whole panel will not open. It can be manually open later on Microsoft Office’s Home tab


Info tab to display the current login info. Users can log out and log in to another org by using this Info tab

Additional features

More features like “Search Clauses” and “Template” can be enabled from Document Properties. These features require paid version of Dynamo for Office add-in. Please contact or your account manager.

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