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Introduction to Approvals

Documill Dynamo's Approvals feature empowers organizations to gather both internal and external approvals.

Internal approvals are typically collected from people inside the organisation. External approvals can be collected from the customer the document is intended for, but this could also be a partner or an external consultant or legal counsel for example.

Let’s explore a typical use case leveraging both Internal and External approvals.

Typical Use Case: Reviewing a Sales Agreement

  1. Internal Approvals:

    • The aim is to collect an internal approval of the document before it goes out to the customer

    • You have many options as to how to decide if the document requires and approval and who should approve it. For example, you can set the approval process to be triggered only for deals above 50,000 euros. Further, you can set the approver to be person A if the deal value is 50,000 to 100,000 euros, and person B for larger deals.

    • Once the document is sent for internal approval, the approver can be given the possibility to approve, reject, leave comments and/or or request changes and also to edit the document directly.

  2. External Approvals:

    • The goal is to secure external approval, usually from the customer, before finalizing the document for their signature.

    • Similar to internal approvals, you have the flexibility to determine when external approval is necessary and who it should be directed to.

    • The external approver can approve or rejet the document as well as leave comments and request a new version.

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