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Setting Up Internal Approval

Feature only available via an Engage license

To enable Internal Approvals, navigate to the template settings and then to the Internal Approval tab.
Define a criteria that will trigger the internal approval, and at least one internal approver user or group.

Defining Criteria:

This can be done by typing in the criteria manually or by building a condition via the UI:

Click on the highlighted button

Click on the 'Add' button to insert the first condition

Click on the highlighted button to define the data field for the condition

Select a data source, in this example, we’re working with an Opportunity

Select a data field

Use the dropdown to pick an operator, and define the value to check against in the right-most field

The result should look similar to the above, depending on what object and field you choose to work with. You can also configure multiple conditions!
Remember to also define the info that gets displayed to users if the criteria are met.

If all the documents need to go through internal approval, the following can be used:


Navigate to the Main Flow from Home


Click 'Edit step' on the Start flow step


Create the ‘alwaysRequireInternalApproval' boolean variable and set it to true


Navigate to Settings and then to the Internal Approval tab
Configure the Criteria with the 'alwaysRequireInternalApproval' variable.

This will ensure the criteria is always met, hence all the documents will require internal approval!

Defining Groups:

Salesforce public groups can be invited to internally approve the document, you can add a group as such:

Click on the 'Add Approver group'

Click on the highlighted button to open the search menu.

Search for a Salesforce public group

The result will appear as such:

You can also define the group via an ID.

Defining Users:

Individual users can also be defined as internal approvers. Users can be defined automatically or manually via the 'User ID' setting:

Manual user ID:

Dynamic user ID from a predefined query:

Dynamic selection of an approver or approvers can become as intricate as your business needs are! Dynamo has full capabilities in programmatically querying, filtering, and categorizing records to be used for dynamic assignment. The following is a simple query with one criteria:


To explore how to build more complex queries, see the following page: [query construction page]

If you’re not sure how to implement your business criteria in Dynamo, please contact:

Optional Settings for the Internal Approval Process


This setting will allow the author to withdraw a document that is waiting for internal approval:

Notification for approvers

This setting enables an automatic notification that is sent to the approving group or user, and approval requester once the document is approved:

Approver edit

This setting allows the approver to edit the document:

Change to draft

This setting allows the author to change the status of an approved/rejected document back to draft:

You have completed the setup for the internal approval process, and you can proceed with testing.

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