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Release 19-8

Release date: April-23-2020

Using Release 19-8

The new release 19-8 is currently available only from the eu-1 instance. Templates that are still running on the legacy instance will not be able to utilize the following improvements.

Please also refer to the release notes for Release 19-7.

Template Builder

  • Added a new flow category: subflows.

  • The Main flow can be redirect to a subflow with the new flow step.

  • Added a new group in the logic view: recent commands. Shows recently used logic commands.

  • Added a new content command for screen input controls: disabled.

  • In the content template editor, block elements will automatically get assigned a unique Id. The Id can be defined as dynamic or static. If a static Id is given, it's uniqueness is checked.

Template logic

The Bound select command has new option-display-limit attribute.

AppExchange package 2.23

AppExchange package link.

  • New Lightning component "Dynamo Document List".

  • New pick list value for Dynamo Document status and Dynamo Document Event type: Error.

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