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Release 20-0

Release date: Aug-17-2020

Using Release 20-0

The new release 20-0 is currently available only from the eu-1 instance. Templates that are still running on the legacy instance will not be able to utilize the following improvements.

Please also refer to the release notes for Release 19-9.

Template Builder

  • The template builder can now be accessed using new direct URL:

  • The document editor has a new Web view in addition to the Page view.

  • In advanced mode, every template part now opens in a new tab. 

  • Improved breadcrumbs navigation for deep element hierarchy.


  • New dyn-placeholder attribute.

  • New command addOfficeCustomProperties.

  • New command getEditableAreas.

  • ComposeContent command now automatically produces a variable called "composeContent_containsEditable" with a Boolean value telling if document  contains editable areas.

  • New command error.

  • A new system-generated variable "apiRun" will now provide this information. Its value is Boolean "true" if the evaluation process has been started through the API, otherwise its value is "false".  

Bug fixes

Merge PDFs from external resources.

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