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A child command of composePPTXContent that removes the specified slide from the PPTX presentation that parent command is about to compose.

Parent commands




Value type



Number, String


Defines the number of the slide to remove, with 1 being the number of the first slide. The resolved value is expected to be a Number, or a number-like String.

Note that this slide number is interpreted in the context of the presentation's original structure before any commands have altered it. If, for example, the slide that was originally number 2 has moved to become number 7 due to other commands placing more slides into the presentation, the value of '2' will refer to that slide despite its current number.  

If the resolved numerical value is less than 1, or higher than the amount of slides originally in the presentation, an error is produced.


The removeSlide command should be fairly easy to use - just be sure to give it a valid slide number. Note that it is possible to use logic control commands such as if with removeSlide to build more sophisticated presentation manipulation logic, like this:

<composePPTXContent var="composed" value="${pptxTemplate}"><if test="${removeTitleSlide}"><removeSlide slide="1">
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