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Setting Up External Approval

Feature only available via an Engage license

To enable external approval, the following settings need to be enabled/configured:

Toggle 'Use approval' from the Share settings.

Switch to the 'External Approval' tab, where the External approver must be defined.

The Approver ID field expects a Contact record ID. It can be typed in manually or defined via a dynamic expression. If the contact has been defined manually, the end user will be able to swap to another contact from the same account when selecting the approver for a specific document.

Please note that while multiple contacts can be listed as External approvers to choose from, the end user will only be able to select one external approver for a specific document.

Optional Settings for the External Approval Process

Custom emails

A custom email template can be defined for the email that initially goes out to the external approver.
Similarly, if there is a new version request, the email sent to the external approver once the changes have been made can also be customized with the re-share email template.

If these settings are not altered, the default email template is used.

You can modify all the selectable emails from the above dropdown via the home page, as well as create new ones that will become available for selection:

Change Signer

The following toggle setting will define if the external approver can change the first signer during approval.

Change to draft

The following toggle setting will define if any internal user can change the document status to draft when a new version has been requested. Otherwise, only the document owner can change the status to draft:

Additional questions

The following setting enables you to define questions that are asked to the external approver after they have approved the document. A sample configuration and output would look like this:

Additional questions defined in the template settings

The external approver’s point of view after approving the document

The answers to the questions will be sent via email to the document owner, and also stored in a Dynamo Event related to the document.

It is also possible to configure these questions to that the answers provided are written back directly in the relevant Salesforce fields (for example, a pre-existing “PO number” field). Don’t hesitate to contact to assist you in setting that up.

You have completed the setup for the external approval process.

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