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Introduction to Leap Project

A Leap Project, or Project for short, takes a File from draft to final version by arranging a sequence of tasks, determined by a Workflow, that must be completed by Collaborators. A Project is based on three important foundations:

  • Collaborators

  • Workflow

  • Files

Without any of these parts, a Project cannot start.


When you create a Project, you will be the Project Owner. Other participants that you add to the Project will be the Collaborators. Collaborators can be users in your Leap Organization or Contacts from the Account of your Salesforce Object. Collaborators


Workflows are a predefined collection of Flows, Phases, and Steps that need to be finalized to successfully complete a Project. Workflows allow Project Owners to determine which tasks should be performed on Files and by whom. To see how a workflow could look like, you can follow this link: Project Workflow

When creating a Project in Documill Leap Salesforce app, you either choose the Workflow Template you want to use, or the Salesforce Admin might have preconfigured it for you based on your needs.


Projects in Leap focus on the creation and processing of various documents. In Documill Leap Salesforce app, the File may come from the Workflow Template that was used, or generated from Documill Dynamo.

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