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Make use of Documill Agreements

A Documill Agreement is similar to any other Salesforce object. That means you could use it with other Salesforce features.

Below are ideas of what you could do with Documill Agreement object:

Create Reports of your Agreements

You can generate Salesforce Reports of Documill Agreements object which can help you see the status of your agreements.

A report of agreements that will end within the next 60 days.

Please refer to Salesforce Reports documentation for further information: Salesforce Reports.

Automatically create a task to renew an agreement

Documill Agreements object can be used in Salesforce Flow to help you automate certain works. For example, you could automatically create a Salesforce Task to remind you to renew a reoccurring agreement when it is about to end.

A Salesforce Flow that automatically creates a new Task when a reoccurring agreement is created.

Please refer to Salesforce Flow documentation for further information: Salesforce Flow.

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