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April 26, 2024

via Documill Leap for Salesforce

When your Leap organization is connected to Salesforce via Documill Leap for Salesforce app, there will be a new option to sign-in using your Salesforce credentials.

Enforce 3rd-party Identity Provider

When there is a need to use only the identity provider that an organization has, it is now possible to disable Leap’s sign-in method (email and password).

Improved password experience

We added guidance to help you create strong password for your Leap account.

Allow replacing file that will be signed

Provided that the file has not been signed by anyone, Project Owner is now allowed to replace the file.

Other improvements

  • Allow project to complete even when External Storage setup is broken.

  • Removed unnecessary button to close PDF preview inside Quick Start Project.

  • Removed unwanted header bar when signing-in to another Leap Organization.

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