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December 20, 2023

Improved Project Events information to Salesforce

Project Events information sent to Salesforce now contains the event when Phase status was changed. This could help identify if a bigger progress has happened inside a project.

Assigning Project Owner in Workflow Template

It is now possible to assign a person as Project Owner in a Workflow Template.

Improved support for mobile Safari

Fixed UI issues that prevented user to sign a document using mobile Safari.

Improved PDF support

Comments added into PDF through Leap’s interface will be available when the PDF is exported.

Other improvements

  • Fixed issue that prevented user from connecting to Slack or Salesforce to enable the notification feature.

  • Allow resetting Step deadline via External API.

  • Made sure to send the Project Events information to Salesforce only one time.

  • Fixed issues around Combine file feature.

  • Fixed issue when trying to sign out the second time.

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