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Blank Templates

Blank templates allow creating new templates starting with a blank page.

A new Blank template can be created using any Salesforce object, either Standard or Custom, as main data source.

There are 5 types of Blank templates:

  • Blank Standard

    • Ideal for simple workflows such as compose, edit, save and send email with generated document attached

  • Blank with E-sign

    • Ideal for advanced workflows requiring internal and/or external approvals and signature

  • Office Output

    • Ideal for businesses wishing to maintain their templates in the familiar Office format and requiring a simple workflow

  • API (task & batch)

    • Allows triggering document generation without human interaction; for example, a record being updated can trigger a document to be generated and sent to a recipient

  • Leap Project

    • Integrate with a Leap workflow to compose a document and create tasks based on it

The table below further elaborates which template to choose based on the use case.



Blank with E-sign

Office Output

API (Task & Batch)

Leap Project

Generating a PDF document

Merging other documents with the PDF document

Sending a generated document via email as attachment

Sending a generated document via email as link

Generating and sending emails

Dynamo Clauses

Two-way data update between template and Salesforce

Document and email versioning

Saving documents to Salesforce

Integrating with SharePoint

Document automation through API

Internal commenting and approval

External commenting and approval

Interactive forms to collect data from an external party

Track editing changes

Track activities and notifications


Generating Office documents

Integration with Documill Leap

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