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An HTML content command that makes it host element a control for removing items of a bound-repeat on the same Screen. The host element will then do the same thing as the removal button in bound-repeat's own controls: removes an item from the Collection when the element is clicked. However, unlike with bound-repeat's own button, the removed item can only be the first or last item of the Collection, as defined by the bound-repeat-remove-last secondary attribute.

The primary attribute expression of bound-repeat-remove is expected to match the bound-repeat-name value of a bound-repeat on the same Screen, defining the repeat and its Collection that this clickable host element will then be modifying.

Secondary attributes



Value type





Defines whether the first or last item of the Collection is removed. Should the resolved value be true, the item at the end of the Collection is removed, otherwise it'll be the one at the start.

If not defined, value of true is used.

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