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List of Commands

Command is the lowest level of operation that an evaluation process can behave. These are often used to generate variables, which in this case hold dynamic content that can be used later in the document generation process (within the Flow, with other commands or in the document). Other use cases of commands are to loop through a collection, make conditions, direct to other paths or make API calls.

Depending on use cases, multiple commands can be used to evaluate data and provide the final result that can be used in the document generation process. There are two types of commands:

  • Logic Commands: serve in the Logic Flow which can be accessed from the left pane in Flow edit, which its result can be used within the next steps or in the document

  • HTML Content Commands: on element level and can be configured directly in the HTML content, which then affect only that element.

Since we also have Office output where different Office Content Templates are used, there are also commands that come with each Office template that serve the same purposes.

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