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Creating an Office Output template

Office Output templates consist of two parts:

  • Office Output template: The template created in the template builder. This template contains the settings and data entries to be used in the Office Content Template. This template will be responsible for the interaction with Salesforce.

  • Office Content Template: A Microsoft Office template containing the template content and content commands used when generating the document. This template will determine the outcome of the generated document.

The Office Output template can be created by selecting the Office Output master template in the template builder.


The Office Output template, allows users to set which Content template should be used. The supported formats are PPTX, DOCX and XLSX. The Content template is set via the Settings.


The Output template will automatically detect the type of template added in the settings.

The Office Output template is also responsible for data processing. Any Salesforce data added to the Content template, must first be defined in the Office Output template.

Once the Office Output template is configured, the Office Content Template can be created.

Unlike Dynamo's legacy Office templates, creating an Office content template of this kind doesn't require an Office Add-in - all the content commands are defined through document components editable through the Office applications' UI.

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