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Enable Email Editing

To enable any sort of end user editing, start by enabling it from settings: Workflow - Document - Enable Editor (setting Workflow - Document - Generate document must be on).

For templates created before February 2024, enable end user editing in settings: Editable Content
Basic Editing Functions: Allows end-user editing.
Advanced Editing Functions: Allows end-user editing and the ability to add Dynamo Clauses.

Since the email template is also an HTML template, creating content and functions are the same as Document content template. An area of texts can be enabled for editing or not. By default, the first part of the sample email already includes an editable area.


To add more editable text areas, the Inline editing or Area editing method in Enable Document Editing can be used:

  • Inline editing: allow edit on a span element by checking Enable Edit checkbox

  • Area editing: allow edit on a group element (group of texts and sentences) by selecting the texts and click “Create editable group”


Enable area editing

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