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Error: ELResolver cannot handle a null base Object

Message & Reason

javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException: ELResolver cannot handle a null base Object with identifier [XXXX]


The error can appear in the beginning or in the middle of the process, when Dynamo cannot recognize a field mapped in the template to continue the process. Commonly, it happens when the Main Object or Additional Data in Salesforce Data has been changed but the template was not updated accordingly.


Update the field that is causing the error with new Content or remove the field completely to solve the problem. Identify the step that has been interrupted to detect where the problematic field comes from:

Error message occurs in the beginning of the process

  • Likely a field that is necessary to generate the document itself.

Error message occurs when saving the document

  • Likely a field required for saving the document, for example the saving location.

Error message occurs when emailing the document

  • Likely a field that relates to the person sending or receiving the email.

Best Practice:

  • We recommend not to change the Main Object in Salesforce Data when using our example templates, or after you have added content into the template.

  • If the Additional Data needs to be removed, ensure that the data is not used anywhere in the template.

  • If the Additional Data needs to be edited, keep the variable name the same as it is before.

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