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Styling Default Tables

Styling the default table

The default format for a table are:

  • Overall: the spacing between table with other elements before and after it is 0.5em

  • Header: white background color, black border, black, cantered and bold text

  • Body: white background color, dark text, inner border to separate cells


You can edit the default format by going to the Styles tab, and selecting Default



  • To format the texts, customize the Text & Font section

  • To format the borders, customize the Border section

  • To change the background color, customize the Background section


Changing the style of the default table means that every table in the template will be changed, unless the table carries any custom styles.

Hiding table border

You can hide the border table occasionally without removing the border from the default style, by applying custom style into a specific table.

  • Click to the table you want to hide the border. Select the Table element on the breadcrumbs

  • On the right pane, click Styles

  • Click +Add

  • Select Borders none

Hiding table border is often used to create column structure for the document.



Creating a striped-table

To create a striped table, first insert a table to the template

Click to the table, select the Table element on the breadcrumbs

On the right pane, select Styles, click +Add

In the style list, select Table-striped



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