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An HTML content command for creating download links to files in the variable context, or just links to other sites.

This command's primary attribute should resolve into a File or a String and the host element receives the HTML attribute href whose value depends on the type of resolved value. If it is a File, the link will be a download link for downloading the file. If it is a String, that String will be set as the href's value as is. Please note that if a link to another web page is opened in the same tab as the composing view, returning to the composing view may not be possible any longer. All non-File links should, by default, open in a new tab, but this is still something to be aware of.

This command has a priority of 15.


This content command is present in many templates to create download links for composed documents, looking like this:

<a dyn-href="composedDoc">Download document</a>
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