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Manage Connected App (Dynamo Service)

Involves Salesforce org configurations

To permit users to use Documill Dynamo, you need to configure the Dynamo Service Connected App.

Open Connected App

First, navigate to the setup menu where connected apps are configured.

Go to Setup, in the Quick Find, search for Connected Apps

Select Manage Connected Apps under Apps -> Connected Apps -> Manage Connected Apps  

Look for the Dynamo Service app in the list. Click on the app name or Edit button to edit


Edit OAuth policies

Select Edit Policies

In the OAuth policies section, change the Permitted Users policies to "Admin-approved users are pre-authorized"

Select Save


Add Permission

Scroll down to the Permission Sets section and select Manage Permission Sets

Add Documill Dynamo User and Documill Dynamo Admin permission sets.


The Salesforce permission related to the Documill solution doesn't work properly when you test by logging in as end-users. You may receive an "Insufficient Privileges" error or not see the template list.
If tests as other users are required, a user must be created and used to login via credentials in order to test. Read more here: "Insufficient Privileges" error.

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