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Introduction to Template Builder

The Template Builder is a platform where users can create a new template or open an existing template to edit it.

New Template

A New Dynamo template can be created from the New Template tab. It contains a list of Master Templates:

  • Blank templates, allowing to start creating a new template from scratch;

  • Sample templates, that have ready-made content.

More information on which template to choose: Available Template Types

Each template connects to a main Salesforce object. Before creating a new template, determine the Salesforce object the document generation process should start from.

If the main object is a Salesforce custom object, or a standard Salesforce object with a custom workflow, a blank template should be used.

Sample templates are connected to an object that can be seen from the Preview panel on the right once a template is selected. The Sample templates contain a standard workflow such as compose, enable editing, save, and send email. The layout of these templates can be customized to fit with the business needs.


Open Template

The Open Template tab is used to open an existing template saved in the environment. As Dynamo Templates are saved as .dap files and stored in Salesforce (Files), managing version details or deleting a template is done in Salesforce.

From the Open Template tab, users are presented with further tabs to find the relevant template:

  • Recent: Shows templates that have recently been worked on;

  • Salesforce Libraries: Shows the available Libraries in Salesforce so users can narrow down to where the template is;

  • Owned by Me: shows templates owned by the current user;

  • Shared with Me: shows templates that are shared witth the current user;

  • All Templates: shows all templates in the current login environment and that the current user has access to.

Import File

The Import File tab allows users to upload and open a template from their local computer.

Import From URL

If the template file is hosted on a public site, the URL link to download it can be used here to open the template.

After a template is created or opened, the Template Editor will display with all the template content such as document parts (layout) and workflow. Let’s explore the Template Editor!

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