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Salesforce Data

The first tab in the settings called Salesforce Data allows users to define the main data object, additional data sources and data formats.


Main Data Object

Define the primary Salesforce object from which the data will be sourced from during document generation. Typically, this is the starting point of the document generation process within Salesforce, for example, Opportunity.

Alongside the primary data object, a testing record can also be selected. A record needs to be selected before a document can be generated. The data from the defined record will be used when testing the template in the template builder.

Additional Data Sources

Define additional data sources if data from related lists or different objects is used in the template. Commands such as record, relatedList, relatedListRecord, queryand Set can be used here.

Data Formatter

Define the default data formats to be used in the template. Additional custom formats can be also created.

The default offered formats are: Number, Currency, Percentage, Date, Date Time and Boolean.

Read more about data formats here.

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