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Template Cache

The template cache can be used to improve Batch and Task API processing speed. Its use is strongly recommended when the same template is used for a large number of documents.

The Dynamo Application template (DAP) can be stored in the template cache using Template Builder or the template cache API. When a template is found in the cache, it is not loaded from Salesforce.

If the Save to Cache button is not visible, contact our support at

Adding your template to the Template Cache

  • Open the Template Builder

  • Open the template you wish do cache

  • From the Save dropdown, select Save to cache


  • Insert the name of the template

  • Click Add New

  • Copy the cached template ID starting with dyn-. This will be the ID of the cached template


Using the cached template

The cached template will have an ID starting with dyn-, for example:

The template ID used for either BatchAPI or TaskAPI can be replaced with the new template ID.


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