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1.28 - March 1, 2024

Improvements around creating new Leap Projects

  • It is now possible to choose Workflow templates that don’t have files yet.

  • Not just .docx and .pdf, other file formats can now be uploaded to Leap project.

Improvements in managing Documill Leap User Management

  • List of users can be exported into a file in comma-separated value (CSV) format.

  • Assignment of the necessary permission set is now done automatically when adding a Salesforce User into Leap organization.

Other improvements

  • Exclude the unsigned document from Documill Leap Project Attachment component when External Storage is configured in the Leap Organization.

  • Fixed incorrect file extension when downloading a signed document from Salesforce interface.

  • Fixed issue when using a Workflow Template containing a Flow without Steps.

  • Ensured projects stay visible in Salesforce when Documill Leap Salesforce app cannot establish connection to Documill Leap.

  • Made the option to download all versions of a document available under Project Overview dialog.

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