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Create a new Organization

Let’s create your own Leap Organization by following below steps:

1. Go to

2. Write your organization name.

3. Click [Next] button.

4a. If you don’t have a Leap Account yet:

No Leap Account

5. Click [Register a new account] button.

6. Fill in your name.

7. Click [Start Free Trial] button.

8. Open your e-mail inbox.

9. In the confirmation e-mail, click [Activate account] button.

10. Create a password for your new Leap Account.

11. Your Leap Organization is now ready!

4b. If you already have Leap Account:

With Leap Account

5. Click [Sign in] button.

6. Sign in with your Leap Account.

7. Your Leap Organization is now ready!

  • When signing in, you’ll need organization name and Leap Account.

  • When you create a Leap Organization, you'll become the Organization Admin.


Now that your Leap Organization is ready, you might want to follow the tutorial to Create your first project .

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