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Deactivating Users

Available to Organization Admin.

To deactivate a User:

1. Go to Users page.

2. Click the User that you wish to deactivate.

3. Click [Deactivate] button.


4. In the confirmation dialog, click [Deactivate] button.

What will happen when a User gets deactivated

When a User is deactivated, Leap will keep the historical data of User’s involvement in previous Projects and Tasks. If the User is still assigned to in-progress Projects and Tasks, the following will occur:



Projects where User was Project Owner

  • User will be marked as Deactivated.

  • Organization Admin who deactivated the User will be assigned as Project Owner.

Projects where User was Collaborator

  • User will be marked as Deactivated.

Completed Tasks

  • The Tasks stay as completed.

  • The Tasks still show the name of the deactivated User.

In-progress Tasks

  • The Tasks will be marked as completed.

  • The related Projects will be paused.

Upcoming Tasks

  • The Task will be deleted.

  • The related Projects will be paused.

  • Deactivating a User will still keep other related data stays intact (e.g. Project Log data).

  • Deactivated Users do not take up an Organization’s user license.

  • To completely delete a User from your Organization, please send an email to

To reactivate users, please refer to: Reactivating Users

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