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Introduction to Tasks

A Task is a piece of work on a Project File that needs to be done by the assigned Collaborator.

A Task is automatically created when a Project Owner assigns a Collaborator to a Step. The Task to be done by a Collaborator is determined by the Task role. Learn more about each Task role here: Task Roles.

If you are a registered user, you can access your assigned Tasks from the Home page. The My Tasks table contains available and upcoming Tasks from Live Project in your Organization.

Task Statuses

A Task Status indicates what the situation is with a Task in a Project. The available statuses are:

Task Status



The task has been created but is not yet active.


The task is ready to go. The assigned Collaborator has not yet opened it.

In Progress

The assigned Collaborator has opened a task at least once.


The Project has been paused.


The Collaborator has requested for changes to a document, and the task is pending for action by Project Owner to address the request.


The work on a task is done.


The Project has been canceled.

Task History

The Task History contains records of the date and time of when the Task status has been changed.

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