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Work on a Task

Task is the place for you to work on a document. Inside a Task, you are also given a Task Role which determines what you need to do and what you can do to the document.

‌In short, working on a Task will involve:

  • Opening a Task

  • Working on the document based on your Task Role

  • Completing the Task based on your Task Role

Task Roles

Task Role determines what you can do to complete the Task. To know what you can do and what action you need to take to complete your Task, let's open the explanation of your Task Role:

Approving Editor Task

Editor Task

Commenter Task

Offline Editor Task

Reviewer Task

Approver Task

Signer Task

Recipient Task

Resolving Rejection

Some of the Task Roles are able to give decision whether to accept or reject Files. When there is a rejection, it will be Project Owner’s Task to solve it: Resolving Request for changes Task

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