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Signer Task

As a Signer, you can view the File inside your Task. Once done, you can sign the File or reject it.

Signing the File

If your Signer details are not defined, you will need to edit them first. Follow the steps below to provide your name and signature:

1. Click [Edit] button.


2. Add your name to the input field.

3. Define your signature using one of the following methods:

A. Select from templates.


B. Draw a signature.


4. Click [Save] button.

5. Click [Sign file] button to digitally sign the file and complete your task.


Requesting changes

If the File requires changes or you are not the right person to sign the File, you can request changes. Thus, you let a Project Owner decide how to proceed further.

1. Click [Request changes] button.

2. Add a comment.

3. Click [Confirm] button.


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