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Working on a Workflow Template

Available to Project Admin and Organization Admin.

Some projects may require the same workflow. In this case, you should create a Workflow Template as a starting point for your projects.

A list of workflow templates can be found on the Workflows page:

  • Organization admins have access to a list of all Workflow Templates in the organization.

  • Project admins have access to a list of Workflow Templates from the group they belong to and to Workflow Templates created by them.

Create a Workflow template

A user with Project Admin or Organization Admin role can Create a Workflow Template from scratch or by saving the Workflow from an existing project as a Workflow Template.

Edit Workflow Template

Previously created Workflow Templates may require changes. A Workflow Template can be edited by its creator or an Organization Admin.

In addition to phases and steps in a Workflow Template, you can define/change:


By default, the Workflow Template is private and visible to its creator and Organization Admins. Defining groups in a Workflow Template makes it visible to all Project Admins in the assigned group.

See Managing Groups to learn more.


Files attached to Flows and files in the Project Files folder will be copied from the Workflow Template to the Project. The exception is Quick Start projects. Only the Flow file is copied to the Quick Start Project.


You can assign Collaborators to steps in a Workflow Template or you can leave the steps empty to later add Collaborators via Collaborators page as part of a Project. You can find more information on how to Manage Collaborators.

  • A Workflow template cannot have collaborators with the Project Owner role.

  • Only Organization Users can be added to a Workflow Template.

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