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Creating Outbound Message

Dynamo Task API can be invoked using Salesforce Outbound Messages.

Endpoint URL

GET: /v1/task/salesforce/message?templateID=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


In Salesforce, go to Setup > Process Automation > Workflow Actions > Outbound Messages and select New Outbound Message.

  1. Select the object whose fields need to be included in the message e.g. Contact

  2. Name the Outbound Message e.g. My Outbound Message

  3. Set the Endpoint URL to

    templateID parameter defines the DAP template file id (Salesforce ContentDocument ID).

  4. Select a user as whom to send the message (make sure the user has access to the template defined above)

  5. Select Send Session ID

  6. Select the fields to be sent. These values will be available in the template by using the param variable. For example, if Id field is selected, it can be accessed in the template like this ${param.Id}. Note that Id starts with capital letter.



Outbound messages can be triggered by a Flow and Workflow Rule (Salesforce plans to retire workflow rules).


Outbound Message status can be monitored by going to Setup > Environments > Monitoring > Outbound Messages (successfully delivered messages won’t show up in the UI).

Status codes

Status code


401 Unauthorized

Service failed to connect to Salesforce. Make sure that Send Session ID is selected when configuring the outbound message.

403 Forbidden

Given organization id doesn’t match given session id.

500 Internal Server Error

An unexpected error occurred while processing the message.

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