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Deletes one or multiple Salesforce records. Note that when deleting parent records of child records that cannot exist without the parent (eg. CaseComment records require a Case parent), all these child records are automatically deleted alongside the parent.

As an actually destructive command, and one capable of deleting hundreds or thousands of records with relative ease, one should be careful to ensure that delete always receives the intended set of record IDs.  

Parent commands

  • batch
    Optional. Groups up multiple Salesforce API requests into one and is highly recommended if deleting multiple records of the same object type in a row.




Value type



String, Collection


Defines the record or records to delete. The resolved value can either be a String specifying a record ID, or a Collection of Strings specifying multiple record IDs. All the record IDs in a Collection value must refer to records sharing the same object type. The Collection's size is also limited to 200 record IDs at maximum, unless this command has abatch parent, in which case this limitation is not present.

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