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Editing Margins, Headers and Footers

When creating a new template, the Document will come with preconfigured headers and footers.
Margins and the size of footers can be adjusted in the Document tab.

For Standard templates created before February 2024 and Engage templates, click here.

In the Document tab, select Styles and then Print


In this view, a variety of page properties can be adjusted.
Headers and footers are adjusted in the Document tab.


Adjust Page Margin

In the left pane, in the Print tab, the Document margin can be adjusted. This will affect the document part currently being viewed. In order to adjust margins, size or background color of either the first or last page, it must be done by opening the corresponding document part.


Attach Header and Footer

By default, a header and a footer is already attached to the document, except for the First section and Last section. The header and footer can be simply edited by clicking on them and applying the desired changes.


Header and Footers can also be added manually via the Components pane.


To add a Header on a Footer, select the point in the document where the Header or Footer should be placed and click on the component that needs to be added.

Editing Margins, Headers and Footers for Retained Standard and Engage Templates


Margins can be edited by selecting Margin View from the document editor.


Clicking on the Margin View will open a new window where margins can be set as well as giving the ability to set footers and headers.


On the left hand side of the Margin View, the page properties can be set, such as the page size, orientation, margins and background color.

In the center of the screen, an anchor location can be selected. The anchor location represents the location in the document where content such as headers and footers can be attached.

On the right hand side, it is possible to define if the settings are applied to either the first page, last page or default page. The settings applied to the default page will be applied to all the pages of the document. From the same panel, it is also possible to attach or remove any content, such as headers and footers.

By default, only the header and footer will be available, but additional content can be created using the Create Content button in the right hand side panel.

Headers and Footers

The template comes with a premade header and footer, which can be edited by clicking on the corresponding tab in the template editor.


Additional headers and footers can be created by clicking on New + or by clicking Create Content in the margin view.


When using Advanced View, this content can also be viewed in the Home tab allowing it to be exported if needed.


In order to edit the headers and footers, select the desired content by clicking on the corresponding tab and adjust the content as needed.


The header and footer editor is the same as editing the Body Content of the document and shares the same styles.

Once the headers and footers are ready, the can be attached in the Margin View.

In the margin view, select the desired attachment location, headers are typically attached to the top center square, and click on Attach Content in the right hand panel. This will prompt you to select the content that you wish to add. The same procedure can be used to modify and attach footers.


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