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A logic command that examines the specified CSS style sheet and picks any page at-rules with their properties, creating a Map that contains this data.

The result Map

This command will create a Map that contains a sub-Map for each page at-rule, that then contain that rule's properties. If a page at-rule contains margin at-rules, those will be their own sub-Maps inside the page at-rule's Map.

The keys of the Maps are the names of the at-rules and style properties, but with the names camel-cased and the @-symbols of at-rules removed. So, for instance, "@page:first" will appear as "pageFirst" as a Map key, and "margin-right" will appear as "marginRight".

Page size

Should an at-page rule define the size property, the result Map entry for that at-rule will contain two additional entries, dynHeight and dynWidth. These entries have the defined height and width as Numbers, even if the size property's value is a keyword, such as "A5 landscape".

Please note that when the size is defined as a keyword, the dynHeight and dynWidth values always present the size in centimetres. If the size property contains length values instead, like "21cm 29.7cm", the dynHeight and dynWidth values contain Numbers with the exact same numerical values as the length values, regardless of the length unit used in the property (eg. "21cm" and "21in" both appear as Number "21").

Required Attributes


Type: String

Defines the name of the variable that will hold the Map with the at-page properties.


Type: File, DAP Part, String

Defines the CSS style sheet this command will be examining.


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