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Release 19-4

Release date: January-23-2020

Using Release 19-4

Release 19-4 is currently available only from the eu-1 instance.

To use the eu-1 instance, please switch the Dynamo URL to start like this:

This means, for example, that the full URL of Template Builder is

To change the Dynamo instance for custom Salesforce buttons, follow the steps outlined in this article: How to filter the template list?. The article describes how to create a custom VisualForce Page where the Dynamo instance can be changed. Simply locate "Documill Dynamo" and replace it with

Dynamo Salesforce package Spring 2020 uses the eu-1 instance by default.

Please also refer to the release notes for Release 19-3.


  • The new Salesforce installation package now uses the eu-1 instance as default.

  • New logic commands

  • New HTML content commands

  • A new edit tool "color" is now available for the editor (specified in the "contenteditable-editor" value), which brings new buttons for changing the text and background color.

  • The set command with an empty value sets the variable value to null.

  • Added the possibility to disable end user errors through the "silentErrors" attribute in the "flowSequence" element.

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