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Release 30-6

Release date: Feb-16-2024

Find instructions on how to test your template with the new release here.

Core service

Added validation for bound input commands.

Update for docx to PDF conversion service.

Bug fixes

API usage isn’t anymore counted for integration user. All API usage is counted on dedicated api-user.

Flashing UI initialization fixed.

PPTX RTF output enhancements.


New SharePoint integration (requires feature license).

SharePoint commands




Template Builder

New default master template.

New master templates

New UI

  • Better use of screen estate. Adapts to several screen sizes.

  • Possibility to show different page sizes

  • Navigation panel also for internal users (TOC, Attachments). Visibility is controlled through template settings

  • End user can toggle navigation pane visibility

  • No separate editing view (preview and edit combined)


  • Possibility to have separate sections with different page configurations (first, main, last).

  • Easy way to define cover page and ending page (however sections can also generate multiple pages).

  • Own page numbering

  • Own page size and orientation

  • Own header and footer

Headers, footers and margins

New WYSIWYG edit view where header and footer are presented in same view with main content.

Editing view also shows margins and page size, easy way to get a grasp how document will look in PDF.

Margins are controlled from own print style tab, no more separate margins view.

Header and footer heights are calculated automatically based on the content size. Margin settings defines min height.

New settings

New simplified logic using common logic

Enhanced attachment management

Automatic and manual attachments for document and email.

Engage master template v6

New common DAP version v6 for Engage templates.

  • Optional signature scribble.

  • Option to save approved document as PDF.

  • Option to allow other than document owner to change status to draft.

  • Optional approval confirmation dialog for external approvers.

  • Optional password for signed PDF documents (when 3.6 is out)

  • Save signed PDF to SharePoint (when 3.6 is out)

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