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A logic command that sets a variable with a new File as its value. The content of the File may, at the moment, be text, so one can create plain text, JSON or other kind of text-based files.

Required Attributes



Defines the name of the variable whose value will be the created File.



Defines the content of the created File. The resolved value, expected to be a String, will be set as the File's content.

Other Attributes



Defines the MIME type of the File.

If not defined, the value "text/plain" is used.



Defines the name of the File. The resolved value is expected to be a complete file name with the suffix present, eg, "textFile.txt".

If not defined, and contentType is also not defined, the file name is set to the value of var with ".txt" as the suffix. If contentType is defined, leaving this attribute undefined is an error.



Sets the title of the File.

The setFile command creates text files, so it can be used to make Files out of String values. One could have a JSON data structure in a String, which could then be put into a File with this command, like this:

<setFile var="jsonFile" value="${exampleJsonData}" contentType="application/json" fileName="exampleData.json" title="Example data">
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