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When desiging a template with e-sigining capabilities, it is critical to think how the signers will be defined.

If the 'Can select contacts' setting is enabled, by default, the related account contacts (supported objects: Account, Case, Contract, Opportunity, Quote) as well as the document author will be selectable.

It’s possible to preselect internal and external signers manually or dynamically in the 'Signing' setting tab.
Examples can be found below:

Internal signers defined manually via Salesforce groups

In the 'Signing' settings tab, select a Salesforce Group via the data browser

This enables users to select any member of the group to be invited for signing a document:


Select signers from a Salesforce group during the sharing phase

Hardcoded preselected internal signer example

In the ‘Signing' tab, add an active user’s full name

Dynamic preselected internal signer example

In the ‘Signing' tab, add the path to a user Id

More about building queries with Dynamo: Template Data Source

Hardcoded preselected external signer example

In the 'Signing' tab, external signers can be hardcoded.

Dynamic preselected external signer example

Contact ID is the only mandatory field required when defining a dynamic external signer.


Click on the Contact ID data picker button


Add a new Related List Record


Fill in the attributes like in the image above and Save
This will ensure the query retrieves the primary contact of the Opportunity

The query attributes might change depending on the use case.

Dynamo supports advanced methods of querying and filtering multiple signers

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