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How to configure e-Sign in Templates

E-signatures are available via an Engage license

E-signatures can be enabled and tested by following the steps below:

Quick Setup

Open the ‘Share' tab and toggle ‘Use signing’ and 'Can select contacts’

No signers have to be predefined in order to test the template. If the 'Can select contacts' setting is enabled, by default, the related account contacts (supported objects: Account, Case, Contract, Opportunity, Quote) as well as the document author will be selectable.


Signer selection

If custom signer preselection is required, see Signers

End-to-end testing can be fully done within the template builder as such:


During initial testing, the following setup is recommended for efficient testing and no email spamming:


Click the dropdown arrow next to the Test button
Enable 'Debug View'
Click on 'Parameters'


Use the record browser to pick a test record from Salesforce
set the dynTest parameter to true
Click OK

The dynTest parameter determines if emails are sent out or if they are simulated within the template builder.
The eventID parameter is 'new' by default, this means a new document will be created every time when test. This can be switched to 'false' if debugging a specific document is required.


Click 'Test'
Click 'New Document'


Click 'Share'


The multi-picklist can be used to select the internal and external signers and their order.
Click 'OK' when ready


The email can be modified in this stage of testing
Click 'Send' when ready

No actual emails will be sent during testing with ‘dynTest' set as 'true’. So the following screen will show a simulation of what the recipient would see:


Click 'Continue'


The Status Report view automatically appears, this gives a bunch of options such as Reminders, Withdraw, Document View, and PDF View depending on the template settings.
Click 'Exit' when ready.


The Debug View enables command-level troubleshooting when things go wrong.
Click the 'X' on the top right corner to proceed.

To test the Signer’s point of view:


Click 'Test'
Click 'Open share (debug)'


Click 'Find signatures' to jump to the signature placeholder


Click 'Sign here' to sign the document


Click 'Sing' to confirm


Another email simulation screen appears, click 'Continue'

To proceed with testing the Signing from the second signer's point of view, you can click 'Test' and proceed with the same steps as above.

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