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The Workflow settings define what is generated and how the generated results are handled.

Start view

This is the first screen an end user will see after they have triggered document generation. There are 3 options to choose from:

  • Document Screen: if chosen, the document layout screen will display for further editing or previewing the document.

  • Email Screen: if chosen, users will only see the email screen with email content for further editing, previewing and sending. Previewing/editing the generated document is skipped.

  • No screen: if chosen, there is no screen allowing the end user to edit or preview what was generated. This option should be enabled if the document is being automated through an API call.


This field expects an expression to define the document translation language, if any. By default, it is ‘documentLanguage’. If the flow is configured to have some other variables to define which language it is, it can be manually entered here. If no translation is required for the document, this field can either be empty or be left with the default value.

For example, if the language is based on a Salesforce field, users can select such field from this bar.

Save versions

If enabled, document and email versions are saved after document generating or editing. A user can load this saved document and continue editing from it. It is recommended to use ‘Save version’ instead ‘Save as a new file’ as it will overwrite the older version and doesn’t take much Salesforce storage.


Defines if a document is generated from a document content template and if editing is possible.

  • Generate document:

    • If enabled, a document is generated from a template. If the process requires a document to be generated, then this must be enabled. See Document section for further settings.

    • If disabled, no document is generated. This is the case if the workflow only requires an email. In this case, the Start View should be set to to “Email Screen”. Otherwise, users will receive an error screen.

  • Enable editor:

    • If enabled, the generated document can be edited by the end user, provided that the document has editable content. See Document Editor under Document section for further settings.

    • If disabled, the generated document cannot be edited by the end user.


Defines if an email is generated and if editing the email is possible. If the initial Workflow settings is set to ‘Email Screen’, the user will only see an email template.

  • Generate email:

    • If enabled, an email is generated from an email template. If the process requires an email to be sent, then this must be enabled. See Email section for further settings.

    • If disabled, no email will be generated.

  • Editor:

    • If enabled, the email can be edited if the email content contains editable areas. See Email section for further settings.

    • If disabled,the email cannot be edited.

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