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Delete a Leap Project

  • Available to Project Owner

  • Can be done to project with Planning, Canceled, and Completed statuses

Deleting a Leap Project

When a project is not needed any longer, the project data can be deleted from your Salesforce:

1. Go to Salesforce Record where the project was created.

2. Click your project name.


3. In Project Overview screen, click [Delete Project] button


4. Click [Ok] on the confirmation dialog.


What happens when a Leap Project is deleted?

When you choose to delete a Leap Project, below data will be deleted:

  • Project data in Documill Leap web app.

  • Project data in Salesforce.

  • Project’s Signature information.

  • Project Log.

And below data will not be deleted:

  • Final document of completed Project.

  • Deleting a project is permanent and irreversible.

  • Live and Paused projects cannot be deleted right away.
    They need to be canceled first. See Cancel a Leap Project .

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