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Default Task Role

If you have someone who work mostly as a specific role inside Projects, you can assign a Default Task Role to the person.

For example, you can assign your CEO with Signer as their Default Task Role. This way, your CEO will be automatically assigned as Signer whenever they are involved in a Project.

When does the automatic assignment happen?

As a prerequisite, the User who has the Default Task Role should already be added into the Project in order to make the automatic assignment works.

Then the automatic assignment happens when:

  • A new Workflow is created inside a Project.

  • A Workflow Template is used inside a Project.

  • A new Step is added.

Default Task Roles and their assignment

Below table shows where the User with Default Task Role will automatically be assigned to:

Default Task Roles

Step Type


Edit Step

Approving Editor

Edit Step


Edit Step


Review Step


Approve Step


Sign Step


Deliver Step

To change Default Task Role of a User, please refer to: Changing Default Task Role

For more information about Task Role, please refer to: Task Roles.

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