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Introduction to Organization

Leap Organization

In Documill Leap, Organization is the place where you and your colleagues can manage multiple projects and collaborate with others.

When creating a new Leap Organization, we recommend to use the name of your Company as the name of your Organization in Documill Leap.

Roles in Leap Organization

Just like in a real-world organization, different people may have different roles under a Leap Organization. While at the same time, a person may also have another role inside different Projects in the Organization.

Read more about how Documill Leap allows you to have different roles in different situations here: Roles in different levels.

Groups in Leap Organization

Different departments in a company may have many projects of their own. To avoid Projects from one department overcrowding another department, Documill Leap allows you to assign people to their different groups, which allow them to see Projects only from specific groups.

To know more about how Groups feature works, please refer to: Groups

Organization Subscription

In Documill Leap, a subscription is tied to an Organization, not an individual. You are free to be part of multiple Organizations. However, to get the most of Documill Leap, the Organization needs to have an active subscription.

To know more about the available Subscription Plans, please refer to: Organization Subscription

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