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Roles in different levels

An Organization can have multiple Projects, and a Project may contain multiple Tasks. To help you organize Users in those different situations, Documill Leap provides three levels of Roles:

User Roles determine what a User can do in an Organization. This includes whether they can invite people to the Organization, manage Workflow Templates that can be used, create their own Project, and many others. A User can have one User Role inside an Organization.

Project Roles define what a User can do in a specific Project. Since you can have multiple Projects inside an Organization, you can also have different Project Roles in different Projects. For example, you can be the owner of Project A and manage the works inside the Project. While in Project B, you are only collaborating with others and work on your Tasks.

Task Roles define what Users need to do when they are working on a Task. For example, Editor Task Role allows you to make changes to the file that you are working on. While Reviewer Task Role requires you to assess the file and make decision whether it is ready to continue or needs to be revised.

For more detailed explanations about them, you can refer to their pages:

If you need to assign roles to users:

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