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Introduction to Documill Leap

Documill Leap is an offer & contract collaboration solution that improves collaborative creation, negotiation, and review - all the way to getting approvals via e-signing and document delivery.

Leap adds increased speed, control, clarity and accuracy to the overall sales process with its powerful collaboration-focused document editor and project management workflows.

Documill Leap is available through web and through Salesforce, which can be found in Salesforce AppExchange.

Product overview

Below we will cover the primary functionalities of Documill Leap.

Prefer video? Watch the Documill Leap product overview instead:

Create clarity and order with workflows

Standardize and unify your sales processes for greater efficiency and compliance. Set up workflows with full flexibility so that they meet your business needs.

Use predefined workflows or set up new ones on the go

Workflows are the heart of a project inside Leap. Workflow allows you to define who does what and in which order.

work orchestration with workflow

Instantly know how each project is progressing

Stay up to date on each sales project with the click of a button. Know exactly at which stage each contract is and whose input is expected next.

instantly know how each project is going

Automatically inform collaborators

Documill Leap provides each collaborator with all the required information, privileges and functionalities at the right time. This minimizes the risk of user error while everyone is clear of their role in the sales process.

Experience contract editing designed for collaboration

Make full use of Documill’s online document editing capabilities, designed for collaboration. Keep comments private within your team, discuss terms directly in the document, and agree on changes by consensus.

Sign document digitally

Use Documill’s included e-signing capabilities to ensure that the right documents get signed. Keeping everything in one place also improves convenience and keeps the total costs of your software stack down.

Everything available in Salesforce

Start and manage Documill Leap projects directly in Salesforce. Access everything you need to start, monitor, and finalize negotiations from the familiar Salesforce interface.

Get it from the Salesforce AppExchange

For more information on how your organization can benefit from Leap, book a demo:

Try out Documill Leap

A 30-day free trial is available for Documill Leap. To get started, visit

Create a new Organization

If you already have your organization registered in Leap, you may want to check the tutorial to create your first project:

Create your first project

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