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Working on your Editor Task

In this tutorial, you will learn how to open a task from a notification e-mail, make changes to a file, and complete the Editor Task that was prepared in Create your first project tutorial.

1. Open the task from task notification e-mail

  • Open the task notification e-mail from your inbox.

  • Click [Open task] button.
    This will open the task in full-screen mode.


2. Make changes to the file

  • Close the Task Overview dialog.

  • Change some text in the document.

By default, changes are tracked by the text editor.


3. Complete the task

  • Click [Complete task] button in the top-right corner.

  • Click [Complete task] button in the confirmation dialog.

  • Click [Ok] in the Task Completed dialog.
    You will then see the Tasks page.

  • You have just finished editing a file and completed an Editor Task.


To conclude

In this tutorial, you have completed an Editor Task:

  • An Editor Task allows a person to make changes to the document.

  • By default, changes are tracked. Later on, the changes will have to be reviewed.


To continue with the tutorial, you can start working on your Reviewer task.

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