In this tutorial, you will learn how to open and work on a Reviewer Task that were prepared in Create your first project tutorial.

As a Reviewer, you are expected to review the file, accept or reject any suggested changes in the file if any, and make a decision whether to accept or reject the file.

1. Open the task from Tasks page

  • Click the task to expand it.

  • Click [Open Fullscreen] button to have a better view of the task.

Click here to expand...

2. Review and accept the tracked changes

  • Notice the tracked changes in the document; tracked deletion is marked with strike-trough and tracked insertion is marked with underline.

  • Click [Review] button on the top-right corner.

[Review] button changes based on its content.
It shows the number of open Comment and open Tracked Changes if any.
Otherwise, it shows as [Review] button.

  • Inside Review Pane, click [Tracked Changes] tab to see the tracked changes.

  • On all tracked change boxes, click [Accept] to apply the changes into the file.


3. Make a decision to complete the task

  • Click [Accept file] button on the top-right corner.

  • Click [Accept file] button in the confirmation dialog.

  • Click [Ok] in the Task Completed dialog.
    You will then see the Tasks page.


You have just reviewed a file and completed a Reviewer Task.

To conclude

In this tutorial, you have completed a Reviewer Task which allows you to:

  • View a file.

  • Accept or reject tracked changes .

  • Accept or reject the file.


To continue with the tutorial, you can start working on your Signer Task.