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Creating a Batch API template

A Dynamo batch API compatible application template (DAP) can be created and tested using Dynamo Template Builder.

If Batch API has not been already enabled for your organization, send email to to request trial license.

Template Builder steps

  1. Create new custom template by selecting “API” master template

  2. Select main object like Contact or Account

  3. Add document template content

  4. Click “Save” button to save template to Salesforce

  5. Click “API” button

  6. Provide test record id(s)

  7. Click send

  8. Response will be displayed in the UI

  9. Click refresh button to refresh batch status

Batch processing template can be configured further from “Settings”.

Please note that the exportPDF command is not available in batch processing. Instead, the createPDF command should be used.

Automatic variables

DAP logic can use two automatic variables when used through Batch API.


Returns task ID.


Returns batch ID.

Template Cache

A custom template can be saved to template cache from “Save” button dropdown. Select “Save to Cache” to save the current template to template cache. When template cache is in use, the template loads much faster compared to loading template every time from Salesforce. Please note that if template is updated it must be updated also to template cache. Template update can be done also from “Save -> Save to Cache” dialog. Template Cache

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